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How Much Does A Private Investigator Cost

Before you hire a private investigator for any reason, it’s important to understand how much a private investigator costs. There are a couple of factors...
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Background Check Sarasota Area

Background Check Sarasota Private Investigations Background Check Sarasota, Get it now. That is what most people want fast a reliable services. There are several ways...
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Sarasota Private Investigator

$50.00 to $65.00 Per Hour on Most Cases

Sarasota private investigator

SCI Investigations is a Private investigator Sarasota based firm. Therefore SCI is dedicated to maintaining our well-deserved professional reputation as a results oriented full service private investigative agency. Providing commitment, unique resources, creativity, all the while using tenacity on behalf of our clients. While we are Sarasota based private investigators we do provide our services around the State of Florida.

We Are A Full Service Private Investigator Sarasota Area

SCI is located in Sarasota County, but SCI Private Investigators are licensed to service the entire state. Therefore we will travel anywhere in the State and sometime out of state. Our experienced staff consists of highly experienced former law enforcement officers as a result the results are just better. Utilized by clients in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Port Charlotte, Ft. Myers area and throughout Florida for full service investigations. Enhancing our services for your needs we are confident you will love our services. Therefore allowing our investigators to provide you with the best knowledge and service. Let us be your “ONE STOP” investigative source.

Highly Trained Team of Private Investigator Sarasota

SCI is using the most advanced surveillance technology. Therefore you will be receiving the best surveillance services extend beyond the scope of our competitors. Employing tried-and-true methodology and technology to as a result creating unimpeachable evidence. Examined by courts the evidence provided by SCI investigators will allow our clients the restitution deserved finally giving you peace of mind.

Sarasota Private Investigator

Gathering Witness Statements and Due Diligence Investigations

Gathering Witness Statements

Witness statements are a crucial piece of any investigation. SCI has experience conducting interviews and documenting those interviews in all types of cases. Allow us to locate, the witnesses and conduct the interviews for your case or ongoing investigation.

Cheating Spouse Need A Sarasota Private Investigator ?

cheating spouse private investigator

From surveillance on a cheating partner or spouse ,surveillance of fugitives, and Child Custody. Hence providing SCI’s ability to discretely and expeditiously obtain your desired information stretches far beyond the capabilities of our closest competitor. As a result saving you time and money. To learn more about our surveillance services throughout the Sarasota area give me a call.

Sarasota private investigator

Child Custody Cases

Using A Sarasota Private Investigator For Child Custody Cases

Children and custody is one of the most important determinations that a court often has to make in connection with family law issues. Custody laws can be complex, and state laws on the subject can vary by jurisdiction. Therefore determining custody rights over a child or children must be done carefully. Such decisions can have profound impacts on the child that last for long periods of time. SCI has specialized in child custody case and has many successful cases. SCI Gathers the proper evidence for you and your attorney as a result you both are better prepared for court. That is where we excel over others.

When determining child custody rights, child custody law actually places the child’s interests and background first before any of the parent’s personal preferences. This is known as the “child’s best interest standard”, which is the main standard for child custody cases. This means that courts will only make child custody decisions if they benefit the child. This is why you need to hire a trained and well established Child Custody Investigator Sarasota 

Family Lawyers

Thus, if a parent is considering how to get custody of a child, or how to become a custodial parent, they must prioritize the child’s best interests, as this is what the courts will do during the custody hearings. Custody of a child is an important determination, and therefore the more that the parents understand about child custody rights, the more efficient the process will be.

Child custody laws are important as they can affect the child’s life for many years to come. If you need help with any of the custody laws in your area, you may need to hire a local child custody lawyer. A lawyer in your area can help you with your case. They can research the laws to determine what your custody rights are as a parent.

Sarasota private investigator

Missing Person Location Services. We Can Find Them Sarasota and Florida.


The circumstances that separate friends and family- such as adoption, death, war, marriage, job promotion, travel and illness-can leave you feeling anxious and unresolved. Lingering questions arise that may go unanswered for months… or even a lifetime: Who are my real parents? What happened to my best friend from school? Does anyone know where she moved after her husband died? Is he still in the service? Do they know I have AIDS?

Whether the reasons are personal, medical or financial, you’ve made the decision to find someone important to you. You thought it would be hard but now the search looks even more daunting. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The Following Are Hypothetical Situations Only And Are Intended to Provide Examples.


In the early 1990s, Kaity was young, pregnant and no longer involved with the baby’s father John a married man who was unwilling to help. Reared in a strict Catholic family, Kaity didn’t see abortion as an option but knew she wasn’t able to be a proper mother. With the help of her church organization, Kaity made a difficult choice and gave up her days-old daughter for adoption. The adoptive couple named the baby Crystal. When Crystal was old enough to understand, they told her how she came into their family. Even though Crystal had a good life-she felt loved and cared for-she wondered about what could have been. Mostly,’ she wondered about her biological parents: what they looked like, where they came from, why they gave her up. As the years passed. SCI located the parent and reunited Kaity and Crystal.

Reunited Friendships

It’s been years since high school and Tom still thinks about his best friend, Frankie. The thoughts are pleasant because they were once inseparable. The “dynamic duo” went to parties and football games, smoked their first cigs behind the Roller Rink, failed Algebra and read each other their diaries at night. But they lost touch after that great senior year. Tom didn’t attend his five- or ten-year reunions and doesn’t know whether Frankie is married, has changed his name or has moved. Is a search hopeless? No. I am sure I can find Frankie for Tom so they can be best friends again.

Find missing person Sarasota

Financial Responsibility

Michelle and her children have had money trouble ever since Michelle’s ex-husband remarried and moved to another state. Child support and spousal support payments haven’t reached her mailbox for months. He needs to be found before legal papers can be served requiring him to make payments. SCI Sarasota has ways to quickly locate these deadbeat dads.

Moral Responsibility

John recently found out he has an STD he needs to find his ex partner Daniel to let him know the terrible news. He hasn’t heard from Daniel for years, but now more than ever he needs to locate him. John feels that it is his moral obligation. If you’re diagnosed with a contagious disease, such as herpes or AIDS, you need to alert past sexual partners. Making that decision is clearly the right thing to do, but following through may be difficult since couples often don’t stay in touch after they’ve broken up. Finding a former partner could be hard, but certainly not impossible. Just like in John’s case this is a decision based on morality.

Hire A Sarasota Private Investigator

Where to begin? That depends on the information you already have and what you need to find out. The necessary steps will be fewer if you have the person’s name and you’re just looking for a current address or telephone number. Names may be unknown for someone looking for an adopted child or for birth parents. In these cases, your search will take more time while you contact everyone you think may have a piece of the puzzle-a relative, former neighbor, clergy, lawyer or caseworker. Once you have a name, you can use these easily accessible sources: Call Me Today and Let’s talk about your case.

$100.00 Per Hour Private Investigator Sarasota

Sarasota Private Investigator

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Private Investigator Sarasota