AR 15 Training Sarasota

AR 15 Training Sarasota

AR 15 Training In Sarasota

AR 15 Training Sarasota Florida. I have to say as being a military member and retired Sarasota Deputy I have been around the AR 15 platform most of my adult life in some way. I always feel that if you let something go too long without using it your skill can diminish. Therefore I decided to take on an Advance Rifle and Pistol Course Taught by my good friend John Cook over at ACI Advanced Control International. Just to be clear the word international in the name is legit. John travels all around the world training people and teams. He has decades of experience in the real world as SWAT commander and SWAT team trainer John has taught T.E.E.S around the United States for dozens of SWAT teams. John Cook really knows how to push a person to help them become a better shooter. He has always pushed me harder.


AR 15 aka “The Black Rifle”

AR 15 type weapon systems come in all shapes and sizes. The platform is the most common among carbine rifles today. Therefore in the past two decades, the AR-15 has evolved into an open, modular gun platform. The platform has become infinitely hackable and accessorizable. With only a few simple tools and no gun smithing expertise, an AR-15 can be heavily modified. Also even assembled from scratch. As a result of this there is an abundance of widely available parts to suit the fancy and fantasy of each individual user. In this respect, the AR-15 is the world’s first “maker” gun, consequently this is why its appeal extends well beyond the military enthusiasts that many anti-gun types presume make up its core demographic.

Having this in mind not everyone who owns one really knows how to use it or in some cases doesn’t really feel comfy with it on the range. This can be embarrassing for some type A men. Don’t worry John has your back. Join and the ACI Team understand that you have a real life, real job, and other things going on. He knows you are not as familiar with your rifle as some people, but in most cases that is the way he likes it. He would rather train you right then work on breaking bad habits learned through mistakes and bad training.