Armed Escort Plain Clothes Discreet Services $60.00 per hour.

Armed Escort is a service offered by SCI. Sometimes referred to as close protection. Some may refer to this as executive protection but we believe that this term is limiting. Close protection is a security service for any individuals who may need an armed protection escort. SCI Armed Escorts are G Licensed by the State of Florida Department of Agriculture. Every escort has completed more than the mandatory state training. Each escort has real world experience in armed escorting. All of our members are retired Law Enforcement Officers from various specialized backgrounds. If you live in Sarasota and require an Armed Escort certainly you should give us a call. We feel that we can exceed you expectations of excellence.

$85.00 Per Hour Per Escort 4 Hour Minimum

Armed Escorts evaluate each situation to fit the needs of the client due to the fact that each case is different. Escorts work both small assignments or long term. Therefore our Escorts protect people not places. Our armed escorts are not Security Guards. As a result we offer armed escort protection for humans.

Examples of assignments

  • Meetings between hostile parents
  • Terminating an employee
  • Jewelry Escort
  • Cash Escort
  • Truck Driver Escort
  • ATM Maintenance Tech. Escort
  • Family Protection Visitation Custody Escort

Cash or Jewelry Escort Services

Sarasota Armed Escort Service
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ATM Armed Escort Repairs For Service Personnel

Sarasota Armed Escort

Armed Escort Experts

Today, most individuals and companies that hire executive protection services are more evolved. Reducing liability has become the number one concern for them as a result they look for professional executive protection agents with formal training usually military or Law Enforcement. Threat assessment and mitigation has been priority in our training. Close protection training is similar to training received in advanced police training and advanced military schools. The focus of the training is always on protection and mitigation of violence. Therefore most seasoned armed escorts have accumulated 600-1000 hours of formal advanced training over the course of his or her career. Most of all our agents were working in the real world and preventing violent acts in contrast to person who attended a one week school on how to be a bodyguard. We always recommend using personnel who have worked in real world situations under stress.

Armed Escort Sarasota function on the same level as most company’s executives. Hence requiring minimal direction. SCI provides a wide range or armed services. We tailor each case to meet the client’s individual needs. Therefore no job is too small or too big, each and every client receives the highest standard of service. With our staff’s combined background in private security, law enforcement, armed escort, military, and business, as a result we have your best interest in how we operate.

Why US

SCI armed escorts are licensed with the Florida Department of Agriculture with G Licenses. Also are experts in providing close protection, security and secure transportation for our clients. These seasoned professionals are experts in planning, threat assessments, crisis management, and providing emergency response as a result you are in safe hands.

SCI armed escort agents draw from decades of experience in working as law enforcement officers rather than a one week training course that some bodyguards attend. . For that reason we feel that we can provide and excellent service for you, your employees, or loved ones.

We understand that professional protection requires much more than surrounding a client with well-trained agents; our agents rely on advance work and threat assessments that identify potential risks therefore preventing an incident before it occurs.


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