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Our Background Check , Goes Deeper Than Google or The Internet

The most affordable and in depth Background Check. The SCI Team scours the Deep Web and the Dark Web to uncover information that popular search engines can’t find as a result bringing you information you can count on.

Background Check $100.00 PER HOUR-

Sarasota’s most affordable reporting agency. Go further than the usual for less money. Reports may include information like:

  • Birth and death records
  • Possible relatives
  • Possible associates, friends, roommates, and even exes
  • A detailed location history report
  • Contact information
  • Criminal, arrest, and traffic records
  • Education and jobs
  • Social media profiles
  • Dating profiles
  • Assets (including owned properties and driven vehicles)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Even more

Hiring a new employee is a big decision consequently an incomplete report that cost your business a lot of money if it’s not done correctly. To ensure you hire the best candidate possible, it is often a good idea to run a background check before making a final decision.

Broadly speaking, a background check is a way of investigating someone’s character, background and past, as a result of using public data sources and reports. Almost all background checks are generated automatically from data repositories even more are maintained by private companies om contrast some are controlled by state and federal agencies . Rather use one source SCI uses multiple resources to find hidden information.

When people say public records, they are usually referring to civil issues such as lawsuits, traffic tickets, vital records (such as marriage, divorce, birth and death), bankruptcies and the like. When people say background check, they usually have in mind criminal records, warrant searches, arrest records and other criminal information.

Don’t let something like this story happen to you! Babysitter Convicted of Child Abuse No Background Investigation was conducted This could be a nightmare for any family. Rather than taking a risk, allow SCI to help you with your next tenant, employee, relationship, etc. Give us a call today.

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SCI can provide you with detailed Background Check report for $100.00 PER HOUR.

If you are paying less, then you are not getting the full report.


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