Court Appointed Private Investigator

Court Appointed Private Investigator

Court Appointed Private Investigator Sarasota Can Be Free

Court Appointed Private Investigator Sarasota A little-known fact is that private investigators are available at no cost to indigent defendants charged with felony crimes. Private investigators can be a very important part of the defense. An estimated 85% of what occurs at a criminal trial directly results from work done outside of the courtroom. A defendant’s chance of being acquitted or having charges reduced is significantly increased when a Sarasota Private Investigator is involved.

court appointed private investigator Sarasota

Right to Representation by Court Appointed Private Investigator

The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the rights of criminal defendants. Specifically, the accused has a right to representation by counsel in criminal proceedings. The Criminal Justice Act (CJA), enacted in 1964, established a system for appointing and compensating legal representation in federal criminal proceedings for persons financially unable to retain counsel on their own. The federal courts, recognizing the importance of court appointed private investigator Sarasota to a criminal defense, established guidelines specifically addressing their availability and appointment for all defendants. Chapter 3 of the CJA Guidelines, along with 18 U.S. Code Section 3006A, authorizes an indigent defendant to petition the court and obtain a private investigator of the defendant’s choosing at no cost. Therefore it cost the defendant nothing to have extra help on his or her case.

Vetting Private Investigators

Once the decision is made to engage a private investigator, counsel for the defense petitions the Sarasota area Court to have their chosen private investigator appointed to their case. The Court judge assigned to the case reviews the curriculum vitae of the private investigator and makes a finding as to the investigator’s ability to conduct criminal defense investigations. Vetting of the private investigator is critical as a result the vetting process – ensures the defendant receives a licensed, trained and experienced professional. The Court Appointed Private Investigator Must Be Under Contract With the JAC

Role of the Private Investigator

A private investigator assigned to assist the defense functions in the same capacity as the prosecution’s case agent(s). The investigator may conduct an independent review of all discovery material; conduct crime scene investigations; identify, collect and present evidence; locate and interview witnesses; assist with preparation for cross-examination; also testify regarding investigative efforts undertaken by the defense.


Well-documented evidence obtained by a private investigator can elevate a defendant’s position during negotiations and trial. Such evidence may very well make a crucial contribution to a favorable outcome for the defendant.

Private Investigator Steve Hall, PISARASOTA.COM, is a former Sarasota Sheriff Detective and has a wealth of investigative experience. Vetted by the Florida Justice Administration Commission therefore Steve has earned a place as a Vendor in the 12th and 20th Judicial Circuits.

Steve Hall Is a Court Appointed Private Investigator and is listed as a Vendor with the JAC.