Port Charlotte Private Investigator

Port Charlotte Private Investigator $80.00 per hour

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What does a private investigator do? How do I know when to hire one? Will he be able to help me? These questions don’t come up often, but when they do, I’m ready with a long list of answers. Some people hire private investigators so routinely that it would be difficult for them to imagine completing a project-whether it’s personal or professional-without one. The need for a PI usually falls somewhere between never and always. Although most of the time you can handle matters on your own, there are times when you can truly benefit from a private investigator or investigative agency. “Most of the time you can handle matters on your own. However, there are times when you can truly benefit from a private investigator or investigative agency.”

Port Charlotte Private Investigator

How We Can Help In Port Charlotte And North Port

  • obtain information on the whereabouts, identity, conduct or credibility of a person or company
  • conduct background checks or searches of potential lovers, business partners or companies
  • have someone followed to see if he or she is being deceitful
  • pre-screen an applicant or business partner
  • check the legitimacy of a potential investment
  • help research a crime, wrongdoing or threat
  • find the cause of fires, property damage or accidents and / or the persons responsible for them
  • safeguard your business’ premises, property, assets, people or even information
  • locate and recover lost or stolen property
  • verify employees’ claims, such as workers’ compensation claims
  • investigate a scene or interrogate a witness
  • access up-to-date computer databases of public records
  • “debug” your office or home

Background Checks Port Charlotte Private Investigator

Private investigators often perform background checks of individuals or companies for law firms, corporations and private citizens. PIs search public records, conduct interviews and verify reference checks and facts to provide a detailed profile of someone.

Records Searches

With instant access to public records, a private investigator can search court filings for details of a divorce, as well as any criminal or civil charges filed over the years. The investigator can also check a financial background for state or federal tax liens, judgments, and bankruptcies, notices of default or hidden assets.

Surveillance Port Charlotte North Port

If you’re requesting a surveillance, you’re usually ninety-nine percent certain that your partner is being deceitful. Therefore you need proof in hand to confront your partner or to support your claims in court in filing for divorce or child custody. A professional investigative service will gather evidence that will either confirm or eliminate your suspicions.

Port Charlotte Private Investigator

Free Consultation

Every week, SCI Investigative Services fields calls asking about surveillance services. 75% percent of the time the callers are female. Therefore our consultation is FREE! We take down information on the individuals involved, and explain the surveillance process. We discuss fees and payment, and select the best time to conduct the surveillance. You Will Only Pay $80.00 per hour. The retainer is $800.00 up front.

We find it’s faster and less costly to our clients if we assign a two-person team to the case. With only one investigator, losing someone in traffic may be costly. Therefore adding days to the process. This could increase hourly rate totals. The team should have two-way radio communications along with video and digital cameras.