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Hello, thanks for taking the time to visit my site. My name is Steve Hall and I am a Sarasota Private Investigator that is J.A.C. approved. I am a retired Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Detective, and Drug Interdiction K-9 Handler. I worked in and helped to create the notorious Sarasota Interstate Criminal Enforcement Unit. (aka I.C.E.). While serving there I made hundreds of Trafficking Cases. As a result this led to the seizure of millions of dollars in forfeitures, all given back to the citizens of Sarasota County. Prior to that, I worked for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. I served in the Methamphetamine Suppression Unit In an undercover capacity. This led me to become involved in several Federal, Long Term, Methamphetamine Trafficking cases with the D.E.A involving Mexican Cartels. I also served in Sheriff Grady Judd’s legendary Tactical Drug Unit (T.D.U.).

I have a history of solving impossible cases and locating the impossible hidden evidence.

Steven has been used by Law Firms from all over the country to hunt down and find people in hiding to serve them subpoenas or even get a rare photograph of them. He once took the only photo of a “alleged” organized crime figure, from a distance of 1/4 mile away, while the man sat on his balcony in a gated compound, in which the subject was hiding out in. Steven waited patiently for several days to get that photograph.


Searching and Finding is what I have always been known for.

In 1997 my six man Tactical Drug Unit was responsible for 1,004 actual physical drug arrest in 11 months to include over 100 Tactical Dynamic Search Warrants. These events led to numerous awards and citations from Sheriff Grady Judd. As a result of this, it also also led to a long two years of suppression hearings and court appearances. This is where I learned how to break down a drug case. Spending two years on the stand fighting several hundred drug cases, listening to defense arguments in suppression, has given me a knowledge that few officers possess.

Locating one of America’s Most Wanted

Steve also located and captured one of America’s most wanted featured on AMW T.V. after a six month search in Southern Polk County. (See Edwin Arendes Texas fugitive AMW Capture #436), On the run for seven years for the rape of a five year old girl Steven hunted Arendes for over six months finally locating him in Lake Wales Fl.

Attorney Consulting Specialty Areas

  • Finding weak points in law enforcement officer offense incident reporting
  • Identifying confidential informants
  • Recovering control buy dates, along with evidence hidden under “shadow” case numbers
  • Breaking down “boiler plate police reporting” between tactical teams, and group event officers
  • Identifying surreptitious investigative techniques used by law enforcement officers.
  • Recovering hard to locate records or purposely hidden records
  • These are a only few of my specialties, used in attorney case consulting

He retired from law enforcement in 2011 and started his own agency. He only takes select cases from attorneys and families in special circumstances.

Steven is an avid outdoorsman and acclaimed outdoor photographer. He was born and raised in Florida spending most of his time in the wild fishing and hunting on solo treks. He has a vast familiarity with the local wilderness areas and waterways.

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Staying focused and what it takes to represent the client

In 2020 Steven lost his oldest son to battle with opioids, and therefore has a vast understanding of what addiction and crime can do to a family. As well as an understanding of how the loss of child can impact a parent and family.

He only takes cases that are special and charges very little to help people in need. Steven still lives a quite personal life with his family. He is a study of Mike Bazzell and most likely knows your IP address. He also knows your general location by now (just from visiting this site).

Steve was an instructor at the Sarasota Law Enforcement Academy and trained hundreds of Officers in Discriminatory Profiling & Professional Traffic Stops, and Roadside Interrogation. He also taught hundreds of Florida Law Officers Drug Interdiction Techniques, Search and Seizure. As well as how to locate hidden compartments and hidden evidence. As a field training officer he taught dozens of new officers basic patrol techniques.

Working as a Narcotics Detective and Drug Interdiction Law Enforcement Officer has provided him with a great skill set. Hence allowing him to better help you. His Training consist of but is not limited to DEA School, DEA Pipeline School, Desert Snow, EPIC, Advanced Commercial Motor Vehicle Interdiction, and Customs and Border Patrol Blue Lightning. K-9 Team Narcotics Course (Certified by National Police Canine Association) Bachelors Degree from Hodges University in Criminal Justice (Cum Laude).

Steve also received active training from the Villa Rica Georgia Police Department’s Interstate Drug Interdiction Unit, the Hoover Alabama Police Department’s Interstate Drug Interdiction unit, and the Meridian Mississippi’s Interstate Drug Interdiction Unit. Because of this abundance of unique and special training I have become a renowned drug interdiction and traffic stop case consultant.

Steve has spent more than 30 years of his life investigating drug trafficking and related cases. Either as Law Enforcement Officer or as a Private Consultant/Investigator.

Steve specialize in Drug Case Consulting for defense attorneys, Identifying Confidential Informants, Officer Report Review, Corporate Risk Assessment, Due Diligence, Hard to find public records, Divorce, Witness Locations, and Human Surveillance. He has assembled some of the best minds from former military, to former law enforcement officers to assist in case work. As a result this has led to an incredible ability to solve complex cases and find the impossible. Our team is ready to help you.

Final Note: Above all Steve is pro police and always assume that officers are good people. Steve and his group support the police and will always let you know when their case is solid and there is little defense.

Steve hall Sarasota private investigator

Steve Hall Sarasota Investigator
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